History of the Journal

The Journal “State and Law” is published since 1927.

The title of the Journal has been changed several times throughout its history. The first issue of the Journal was published in February 1927 under the name “Revolution of the Law” (Revolyutsiya prava); at the time it was a periodical of the General Theory of State and Law Section of the Communist Academy. In 1930 the title was changed to “Soviet State and the Revolution of the Law” (Sovetskoe gosudarstvo i revolutsiya prava). In 1932, the Journal was again renamed ‑ into “Soviet State” (Sovetskoe gosudarstvo). From 1939 the periodical was known as “Soviet State and Law” (Sovetskoe gosudarstvo i pravo). And since mid-1992 journal is called “State and Law” (Gosudarstvo i pravo).

Article for the 85th anniversary of the journal (In Russ.) (PDF)

Article for the 95th anniversary of the journal (In Russ.) (PDF)

Official congratulations for the 95th anniversary

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