About the "State and Law" journal

The journal “State and Law” is dedicated to the study of current theoretical and practical problems of jurisprudence in Russia and other countries. The journal publishes scientific articles on full range of law, criminology and philosophy of law, as well as scientific reports, reviews of scientific events, book reviews and personalia.


The journal "Gosudarstvo i pravo" (State and Law) has been published since 1927.

The Journal is published monthly.

ISSN 1026-9452


Previous names:

"Revolyutsiya prava" (Revolution of the law) (1927 to 1929)

"Sovetskoe gosudarstvo i revolutsiya prava" (Soviet State and the Revolution of the Law) (1930 - 1931)

"Sovetskoe gosudarstvo" (Soviet State) (1932-1938)

"Sovetskoe gosudarstvo i pravo" (Soviet State and Law) (1939 – first half of 1992, ISSN 0132-0769)