Izbiratelnaia demokratiia
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Izbiratelnaia demokratiia
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Lyudmila Yu. Grudtsyna 

the author of the article attempts to debunk democratic General elections at this historical stage of development of Russia. To demand from the authorities of the results and to draw positions of authority of persons responsible have a moral and legal right of citizens who participated in the elections – the political party of the President, the head of the municipality. Russian people (not all, but the majority of voters today), first, not aware of the very valuable right is granted, it is largely unconscious, and, secondly, does not realize and is not responsible for the choice made (not only to themselves but to their children and future generations of citizens). The article proposes a new model of “electoral democracy” when the constitutional right of choice can not belong to all the citizens of Russia, but not by direct prohibition and violent discrimination against certain citizens, and at their will.

electoral democracy, elections, citizens of Russia, voters, election right, constitutional right
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